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Tenure Standards in Political Science Departments: Results from a Survey of Department Chairs

John M. Rothgeb Jr.a1 and Betsy Burgera1

a1 Miami University


This article presents the results from a survey of political science department chairs regarding the tenure procedures and standards at their colleges or universities. The findings reveal that only a small fraction of the colleges and universities in the United States refuse to offer tenure or are attempting to limit tenure. We also find general agreement regarding the standards for evaluating teaching and service and that research expectations vary according to the highest degree offered by a department.

John M. Rothgeb, Jr., is professor of political science and distinguished scholar of the graduate school at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Professor Rothgeb is the author of numerous books and articles regarding international politics and foreign policy and about the discipline of political science.

Betsy Burger is an administrative assistant in the department of political science at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She is the co-author of an article regarding professor training programs in political science Ph.D. programs.