Ferrol - Urban History
Removal of Franco's statue (4 July 2002)

Do these monuments form part of an artistic heritage that is more or less distanced from its origins, that calls for respect and protection? Or, on the contrary, are they places of memory of the dictatorship, elements of identity for the forces that openly supported its legacy? In Ferrol, every 20 November, the anniversary of Franco's death, his equestrian statue was the meeting point for extreme right-wing groups who laid a wreath, and anti-Franco groups who responded with graffiti. When finally in 2002 a city council led by the 'Bloque Nacionalista Gallego' (Galician Nationalist Party) decided to remove Franco's statue, the crowd that gathered to witness the event decided to accompany it to its new location in the Dockyard, in a clear demonstration of anti-Franco feelings.

Diario de Ferrol (05 July 2002), Photograph by Jorge Meis