Ferrol - Urban History
Astano workers during a protest occupation of the town hall (1988)

The new global economic and political conditions were the cause of continuing political unrest in Ferrol. The arrival of democracy passed control of the city council from 1979-87 into the hands of a coalition led by the Socialist Party (PSOE). However, this coalition was soon challenged by workers' demonstrations that broke out throughout the city in protest against the programmes of industrial rationalization. In the local elections that followed, a total of six different political parties were returned. This led to the need for coalition councils, whose evident instability meant that they were unable to remain in power for any considerable length of time. The 1987 local elections were won by the conservative 'Partido Popular' (PP); in 1989, a censure motion brought the left wing back into power; in 1991, the PP won the council elections again; just six months later, yet another censure motion meant that they were toppled by the PSOE; in the 1995 elections the PP again regained the majority; in 1999 a mayor of the 'Bloque Nacionalista Gallego' (Galician Nationalist Party) was elected, supported by the PSOE; and in 2003 the PP returned to power.

Josť Mouriz, 'Portafolio sobre el cierre patronal de Astano', Cadernos Ferrol AnŠlisis, 16 (2001), © Club de Prensa de Ferrol