Ferrol - Urban History
Dolores Street, in La Magdalena district (2003)

From the 1960s, the district of La Magdalena fell victim to a process of deterioration, the result of a lack of municipal control over demolition work and the construction of new buildings, and later as a result of numerous residents abandoning the neighbourhood, leaving large numbers of properties empty. The new democratic councils attempted to bring this process to a halt, by cataloguing the three districts of Ferrol Vello, (the remains of) Esteiro and La Magdalena as a historic town centre, subject to special protection. However, the process was only really halted in La Magdalena. Finally, in 2000, a 'Reform Plan for La Magdalena' was approved. Urban renewal was promoted, with an attempt to keep original residents, thereby weakening the process of 'gentrification'. Dolores Street was the first to be made pedestrian.

Photograph by the author