Ferrol - Urban History
Plaque in honour of Franco, on the facade of his place of birth (2003)

1987 saw the fleeting appearance of 'Exército Guerrilheiro do Pobo Galego Ceibe' (the 'Guerrilla Army of the Free Galician People'), a small, solitary terrorist group in the history of radical Galician nationalism. Two of the group's most significant acts were to vandalize Franco's statue in Ferrol twice, using explosives. The first attempt was in 1987, on the eve of a new conservative council fixing a plaque in honour of the dictator on the facade of his place of birth in La Magdalena district. The inscription reads: 'Francisco Franco, "Caudillo" (leader) of Spain and "Generalísimo" (supreme general) of the armed forces".

Photograph by the author