Ferrol - Urban History
Graffiti on the 'Cruz de los Caídos', Amboage Square (2003)

In Amboage Square there still stands the 'Cruz de los Caídos', a cross in memory of the dead from Franco's nationalist army who were killed during the Civil War. The Cross, having had all of its explanatory inscriptions removed, is now covered in graffiti of precisely the opposite ideology. This is an example of the difficulties in defining a common policy about the past capable of sustaining a development project for Ferrol. To date, two policies of memory in strict antagonism have existed side by side: the first is based on a working-class memory, deeply rooted in the defence of the shipbuilding industry, which attacks the segregation of the city brought about by the naval base and military facilities, and which questions the monuments that recall the Franco regime. The second defends the continuity of those places of memory which recall the pro-Franco regime - considering them to be 'apolitical monuments' - and the segregation of the naval installations, justifying the demolition of the working-class districts and the closure of the shipyards.

Photograph by the author