Ferrol - Urban History
Monument to González Llanos in the 'new' Esteiro (2003)

The most conservative political forces continued to oppose the idea of eliminating places of memory of the pro-Franco regime, and have had difficulties in suggesting alternative celebrities who could be commemorated. In 1999 they erected a monument in honour of José María González Llanos, the former naval officer responsible for founding Astano. It was situated in the new Esteiro Avenue, in the centre of the new working- and middle-class neighbourhood built in the 1990s, over the site of the old working-class district of Esteiro, which was demolished by the last pro-Franco city council. The new statue imitated another older statue dedicated to the Navy officer Jorge Juan: his hand pointed towards the eighteenth-century Dockyards he had helped to plan, while González Llanos pointed towards the shipyards of Astano.

Photograph by the author