Ferrol - Urban History
Monument to Pablo Iglesias, covered in blue paint (2000)

In November 2000, some activists painted the equestrian statue of Franco pink. Encouraged by the extensive media coverage this act received, other actions took place in Ferrol and neighbouring municipalities, in which pink paint was thrown over other commemorative monuments to the old regime, particularly the plaque in honour of the dictator on the facade of his place of birth. From the opposite side of the ideological tracks, unknown assailants covered the statue of Pablo Iglesias in blue paint, a monument in the old district of Esteiro where the founder of Spain's Socialist Party was born, close to the local HQ of the PSOE. The colour chosen was a dark blue, emblematic of Spain's fascist party, the 'Falange', and in general of supporters of Franco, in opposition to the 'Reds' who defended the Second Republic, and all persons of leftist sympathies.

La Voz de Galicia (26 November 2000)