Ferrol - Urban History
Monument to General Camilo Alonso Vega (2003)

After the workers' demonstrations of 1972, the pro-Franco city council decided to build a statue in honour of Camilo Alonso Vega, a native of Ferrol and one of the dictator's most trusted advisers, as well as a close personal friend. After the Spanish Civil War he had been made responsible, as commander-in-chief of the 'Guardia Civil' to hunt down and eliminate the 'maquis', the guerrilla forces who continued to fight against the dictatorship. In 1957-69 he coordinated political repression from his post as Interior Minister, rewarded at the end of his mandate by being promoted to a Lieutenant-General of the army. In 1974, the town council named him a 'favourite son' of Ferrol, built a statue in his honour in the working-class district of Caranza, and named a public park after him.

Photograph by the author