Ferrol - Urban History
Plaque in honour of the victims of Franco dictatorship (2003)

In 2000, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the dictator's death, both the academic world and the media began to debate the overriding presence of places of memory recalling Franco's dictatorship which are found all over Spain. Essentially, this debate comprised a discussion and conclusion regarding the causes of the Civil War, the severity of Franco's regime, and the 'agreement to forget' upon which the transition to democracy had supposedly been based. Ferrol's left-wing city council could therefore justify its plans for development within the context of a more solid policy about the past. In the 'Alameda', near the Dock Gate, a plaque was unveiled in honour of the first socialist mayor during the Second Republic, and all of the other citizens who were 'shot and repressed during the regime of Franco'.

Photograph by the author