Ferrol - Urban History
The Navy and the town council agree to move Franco's statue (2002)

Twenty-five years after his death, the monument to Franco, situated in such a prominent position as Espaņa Square, was not only a symbol that stigmatized the city and caused controversy among the political forces and its citizens, but was also an emblem of dubious appeal for a NATO naval base and a potential World Heritage Site. After a long debate, in July 2002 the council corporation moved the statue of Franco to a less visible site. Most fittingly, this was to be at the Navy Museum - in the Dockyards, near the Dock Gate. In the photograph we see the handshake that sealed the agreement between the mayor from the 'Bloque Nacionalista Galego' (Galician Nationalist Party), and the captain and director of the Navy Museum.

Diario de Ferrol (06 July 2002), Photograph by Carlos Carballeira