Ferrol - Urban History
View of the Ferrol estuary (2005)

As part of the extension of the European Union, with the incorporation of countries from Eastern Europe, the peripheral situation of the Iberian Peninsula has been emphasized. In the case of Ferrol, and the metropolitan area formed between the city and A Coruņa, the possibilities for development are now based on a transnational Atlantic axis that extends as far as Lisbon. It is of major importance to strengthen communication networks to overcome the city's secular isolation. Between 2001-5 work on a large exterior port at the mouth of the Ferrol estuary has been under way, planned as a redistribution centre for merchandise for all of Galicia, at the same time as work was concluded on the final section of the motorway that links Ferrol with the rest of the Iberian Peninsula's motorway network.

Photograph by the author