Ferrol - Urban History
Demonstration by Astano workers (1988)

In 1975, the death of Franco and the transition to democracy created a new political situation. The reorganization of the State, based on regional autonomy, has enabled the conservative 'Partido Popular' to remain in power in Galicia, a markedly rural region with an ageing population. Ferrol and its neighbouring municipalities were an exception. The working-class people, employed mainly in the shipbuilding industry, with a tradition in the trade union movement, and with organizational strategies provided the electoral basis that would place left-wing parties firmly in power in local authorities. However, workers' demonstrations against the Spanish government's policies of industrial rationalization, under the Socialist Party, put left-wing councils in an uncomfortable situation.

Josť Mouriz, 'Portafolio sobre el cierre patronal de Astano', Cadernos Ferrol AnŠlisis, 16 (2001), © Club de Prensa de Ferrol