Ferrol - Urban History
Franco Period
Equestrian statue of Franco, in España Square (1999)

In 1959-64 a series of equestrian statues of Franco were erected in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Santander. These statues showed Franco full of vitality at a moment when the first signs of physical degeneration associated with old age were starting to appear. In 1964, a 'Commission for establishing a monument dedicated to the Caudillo Franco' was organized on the initiative of the Casino [social club] of Ferrol. The monument was financed by popular subscription. The bronze statue, which showed the dictator on horseback in the uniform of Commander-in-Chief of the Army, was made in Bazán. The metal came from the propellers of an old warship, and the statue was inaugurated in España Square in 1967. Then, shortly after Franco's death, in 1976, the town council decided to fix a large bronze plaque on the podium of the statue, where the dictator's last will was written and he guaranteed that his regime would outlive him.

Photograph by the author