Ferrol - Urban History
Franco Period
Demonstration in front of the Capitanía Palace (1938)

Coinciding with a visit to Ferrol by the Minister, Serrano Suñer, a major gathering was organized. Naval personnel, soldiers and members of the 'Falange' fascist party stand out amongst a crowd with their right arms raised in the fascist salute. A flyer distributed on the occasion read: 'Ferrol, homeland of the great Saviour of Spain, anticipates with great enthusiasm that it may now bear the name of "El Ferrol del Caudillo". Our unbreakable solidarity with The Caudillo ["Leader"] is strengthened by your visit to Franco's home town. Long Live Spain! The city of El Ferrol, fecund mother of the ships of the new Empire, salutes you. God. Spain. Franco. Ferrol gave Spain the greatest it could give: The Caudillo'.

Cadernos Ferrol Análisis, A Guerra en Ferrol (1999), © Club de Prensa de Ferrol