Ferrol - Urban History
Franco Period
'Cruz de los Caidos', in Dolores Square (c. 1945)

The number of executions and/or murders in the whole Ferrol region would rise to 2,000 during the two first years of the Civil War. The violent political repression lasted throughout the whole of the post-war period: a further 1,000 people would be murdered in the Ferrol region during the 15 years immediately after the end of the war. Against this frenzied effort to eliminate any type of opposition, the policies of memory focused on remembering the dead from the pro-Franco army who had fallen during the Civil War, and those who had been victims of repression in the republican zone. On 18 July 1940, 'Anniversary of the National Rising' (or the military revolt), a 'Cruz de los Caidos' ('Cross of the Fallen') was erected in Dolores Square, a memorial 'in honour of those who died for God and for Spain in the glorious crusade of Liberation'.

Ferrol City Council, Postcard collection