Ferrol - Urban History
Franco Period
Last honours for Admiral Luis de Castro (1939)

Luis de Castro, a vice-admiral in the reserve, acted as liaison between Ferrol and the national leaders of the military uprising of 1936. Then he was appointed head of the naval base. The repression was a blood bath, its victims the shipyard workers, seamen, and non-commissioned officers, and the leaders of the trade unions. During the first two years of war, 200 naval personnel were executed following trial by court-martial, and another 200 citizens 'died after assaulting the police'. This was a considerable number in a city of 35,000 inhabitants. In 1939 the Admiral's funeral was an impressive military parade that filled the streets of La Magdalena.

'Portafolio: Entierro del Almirante Luis de Castro, 1939', Cadernos Ferrol Análisis, 17 (2002), © Club de Prensa de Ferrol