Ferrol - Urban History
Franco Period
Repression in the Dockyards: breakwater and guards' quarter (1937)

The cemetery wall, the walls of San Felipe and La Palma Castles (in the mouth of the estuary) and the Dockyards became favourite places for summary executions. The Castle of San Felipe, the military facilities in A Graņa, the Dockyards' breakwater, and two vessels anchored there became prisons, from whence the convicts left to be executed. In the eyes of the 'maestranza' who worked in the Dockyards, in the eyes of those people who crossed the estuary by boat to get to work, the facilities of the Ferrol of the Age of Enlightenment became places of memory - of repression.

Maqueta de la Base Naval y Arsenales de Ferrol, Museo Naval de Ferrol