Ferrol - Urban History
Franco Period
Monument to the people of Ferrol who died in the Rif War (c. 1950)

In 1926, Francisco Franco was acclaimed in Ferrol as the great 'hero' of the Rif War. The 'Industrial and Commercial Circle' made him their honorary president, and the creation of a 'monument dedicated to the people from Ferrol who died in the Africa campaigns' was proposed. Ten years after the end of the Civil War, in 1949, the new dictator unveiled the monument, situated opposite the Dock Gate. Topping a large column was a 'Victoria', cast in bronze, holding aloft a crown of laurel leaves. To make room, the Obelisk of Fame had been moved, a monument built in honour of King Carlos III. So was there not enough room to commemorate two heroes?

Ferrol City Council, Postcard collection