Ferrol - Urban History
Franco Period
Physical education lessons at the Bazán School (1941)

After the military uprising all trade unions were banned, except for the new 'National Central Workers' Union', which was connected with the fascist party, 'Falange'. The Bazán shipyards were militarized and their personnel purged, with new apprentices receiving ideological training. The image of these apprentices, as they take physical education lessons, seems to transmit a message of submission. However, Bazán would be the first place in Galicia where labour protests took place after the Civil War. It was in 1946, known as the 'year of hunger', when workers at that factory demonstrated against restrictions in their ration books. Twenty years later it was also the first Galician company in which the 'Comisiones Obreras' ('Workers' Unions') was founded, the communist trade union that would lead the fight against Franco's regime.

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