Ferrol - Urban History
Franco Period
The Astano Shipyards in Fene (c. 1980)

Astano was established in 1941 in the adjoining town of Fene on the south bank of the estuary, and concentrated on the civilian sector. Its productive capacity grew, increasing Spain's fishing and merchant fleet throughout the 1950s, thanks to public funds granted to the shipbuilding sector and to the Protection of the Merchant Fleet Act. In 1968, during the period when Astano was specializing in the construction of large oil tankers, the 'As Pías' bridge was opened. It shortened access to the city (in the background) by eight kilometres from the south, and guaranteed a direct connection with the Astano shipyards (in the foreground). It was originally known as the Bridge of the 'Caudillo' (or leader), one of the honorary titles given to Franco.

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