Ferrol - Urban History
'Alameda' of Suances, in La Magdalena district (1925)

In 1859 the Dockyards' wall stretched across the 'Alameda' walk, to make space for the construction of the Campana Dock. The eighteenth-century tree-lined walk was divided into two sections, and changed its name to pay honour to the special connection between the city and the Navy: the 'Cantón de Molins', in honour of the Minister of the Navy and MP for Ferrol, and the 'Alameda de Suances', in homage to the naval officer from Ferrol. At the end of the nineteenth century the streets of La Magdalena replaced the 'Alameda' as the area 'in fashion' for strolling. Its gardens became a playground for the children of the middle and upper classes, watched over by their nannies.

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