Ferrol - Urban History
Callao Square, with the monument to Méndez Núñez (1909)

The initial and modest suburban development around La Magdalena was carried out in the area that bordered Esteiro and the city walls. The coal market had previously moved to Esteiro in 1886, as part of the operations destined to clear spaces in La Magdalena. In 1894 the Callao Square was laid there, and a monument erected to Navy officer, Méndez Núñez. He had been proclaimed a national hero after leading the Spanish fleet in a suicide attack against the Peruvian harbour of Callao in 1866, to the cry of 'Honour without warships, rather than warships without honour'. It was an utterly pointless exercise, in the same way as the whole 'Pacific War' and the military adventures that marked the final years of the reign of Isabel II.

Ferrol City Council, Postcard collection