Ferrol - Urban History
Food market near the church of San Julián (1905)

The supply of food represented a significant public issue in terms of health, finance, and law and order. Control over this supply was dealt with in Europe throughout the second half of the nineteenth century by the creation of centralized and specialized public markets. The municipal food market of Ferrol was opened in 1891, situated between La Magdalena and the Dockyards, and it was the first and only building in the city built entirely from iron, based on prefabricated sections. Even so, as late as 1918 food riots took place, as a result of the scarcity and inflation that accompanied the years of the Great War. Hundreds of women controlled access roads to Ferrol, assaulted the train that supplied the city, shared out the food it was carrying, and ran through the centre of the town visiting shops, forcing prices to be lowered. The intervention by the forces of law and order led to several deaths.

Ferrol City Council, Postcard collection