Ferrol - Urban History
Calle Real, in La Magdalena district (early twentieth century)

In the decade following 1910, coinciding with a period of expansion in the world's economy, a process of modernization developed: the new sewer and running water systems were inaugurated in 1922. Ferrol had already been the first Galician city to have electrical street lighting 20 years before (see cables to the left of the image). At the same time, the main streets of La Magdalena had replaced the 'Alameda' as a place for strolling and meeting friends. The Casino, the Capitanía Palace and the city's main shops and cafés were concentrated in the Calle Real. From the middle of the nineteenth century an innovation had taken place on the facades of houses in La Magdalena that would soon appear all over Galicia: the 'galería', a bow window in wood and glass that captured warmth and sunlight, making it possible to sit and sew or look out over the new urban spectacle.

Ferrol City Council, Postcard collection