Ferrol - Urban History
Journalists from the 'Diario Ferrolano' (1905)

Ferrol enjoyed an active and highly varied press, with conservative, liberal and socialist publications. The newspaper 'Diario Ferrolano' (1903-17) reveals the difficulties of a new civil society in breaking away from the chains of the Navy's tutelage. Designed to generate public opinion, conservative in its ideology, its first director remembered years later how 'Our main obligation was to convince our readers that they always voted for General Mille from the Navy's Legal Corps as our MP, against the tenacious and tub-thumping insistence of [the liberal newspaper] "El Correo Gallego", which [...] guaranteed its readers that their happiness consisted of voting for the General of the Navy's Legal Corps, Mr Moreno'.

Cadernos Ferrol Análisis, Ferrol en fotos un século atrás (1998), © Club de Prensa de Ferrol