Ferrol - Urban History
Plaque in honour of the Franco brothers, at their house (2003)

During the Dictatorship of Primo de Rivera local policies of memory revealed contradictory features. In 1928, after the homage to the socialist Pablo Iglesias, a monument was erected to Ramón Franco, a pilot of the Air Force who had become famous after a transatlantic flight. A plaque was also unveiled at his house in La Magdalena, dedicated to him and his brother Francisco. By doing this the city council supported an identity of the city based on a military history committed to colonial ventures. Although Ramón was well known as a republican, his brother Francisco Franco had quite different sympathies. He was a general in the Army, and had taken part in the Rif War in Morocco. In 1926 he had visited Ferrol where he was hailed as a national hero. The 'Industrial and Commercial Circle' made him their honorary president, and the president of the Casino of Ferrol proposed the creation of a monument dedicated to the people from the city who had died in the Rif War.

Photograph by the author