Ferrol - Urban History
Aerial view of the Capitanía Palace (c. 1925)

During the Restoration the limits between civilian and military jurisdictions continued to be a controversial issue. The Commander-in-Chief of the Navy was head of the Dockyards, and had extensive powers in terms of law and order. Within the context of his clash with the 'Ferrol Defence Council', in 1895 the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy warned that 'the night of the 10th to 11th the city fell into the hands of a socialist mob, armed with staves [...] if these actions are repeated [...] I will be obliged to [order] direct fire upon the aimless mob'. The mayor, a member of the Conservative Party, contradicted him: 'a great demonstration of workers, together with many women and children, after having come to a halt in silence before the Capitanía Palace [two workers were being held prisoner inside ...] saw a marine officer provoking and threatening the demonstrators, causing many of them to throw stones that broke many of the building's windows, while the guard shot at them [...] and the marines did occupy all of the houses next to the Palace'.

Cadernos Ferrol Análisis, Ferrol en fotos un século atrás (1998), © Club de Prensa de Ferrol