Ferrol - Urban History
Parade Ground, with the Obelisk of Churruca (c. 1905)

While the neighbourhood of Esteiro fell into decline, in the nineteenth century improvements to city infrastructures were mainly carried out in La Magdalena: in 1846 a sewage system became operational, and gas lighting was installed one year later. In 1867 this neighbourhood had six fountains and a 'lavadero público', a public washing place where women could wash clothes. In the Parade Ground the Obelisk of Churruca was erected. At the foot of the obelisk there was a fountain, around which we may guess the presence of numerous maids and water carriers, women who earned their living carrying buckets of water to people's homes. The postcard shows the Parade Ground around 1906, already without the weekly fair. In the bottom right-hand corner of the image we can see two priests enjoying a stroll.

VVAA, A Memoria de Ferrol (Vigo, 2002), Edicións Xerais