Ferrol - Urban History
Las Angustias Square, in the Esteiro district (c. 1920)

The Dictatorship of General Primo de Rivera led to a temporary ceasefire in the social conflict that plagued Ferrol, as may be seen in the ambiguities in the policies of memory, particularly the homage paid both to Francisco Franco and to Pablo Iglesias. In 1927 the city council decided to support the identity of a working-class city with close ties to socialist internationalism when dedicating a plaque to Pablo Iglesias, founder of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, and giving his name to Las Angustias Square in Esteiro, the neighbourhood where he was born in 1850.
From 1881 there was a 'workers' centre' in that square, linked with the socialist trade union, UGT.

Ferrol City Council, Postcard collection