Ferrol - Urban History
San Pedro Street, Esteiro (early twentieth century)

Dr Pastor Nieto described the neighbourhood of Esteiro 'the poorest and most populous [... where] the most shameless and stray prostitution [...] takes shelter [...] with old, damp, dark, unventilated houses [...] without latrines and with cesspits [...] with a deficient sewer system, and only one of its streets with paving, making it impossible to cross in rainy periods, with the appearance of potholes and puddles'. He also emphasized how this neighbourhood alone had suffered in the previous decade from epidemics of measles, smallpox, and diphtheria which had not affected the streets of La Magdalena or the rest of Ferrol. The image shows San Pedro Street, well known for its brothels: the woman on the right may well be a prostitute. In 1923 a municipal report recommended that the only solution was to demolish the neighbourhood completely.

Ferrol City Council, Postcard collection