Ferrol - Urban History
Park Dockyard Gate (2003)

The Marquis of Molíns, MP for Ferrol on several occasions, was Minister of the Navy in the Liberal Union cabinets. In 1853, and as recognition for his role in bringing back prosperity to the dockyards, the city council dedicated a section of the 'Alameda' boulevard to him, which since then has been known as the 'Cantón de Molíns'. In 1858 Isabel II visited the city, and a second gate in the Dockyard's wall was opened by the queen, the 'Park Gate'. The council's archivist, Montero y Aróstegui, presented his manuscript, 'The History of Ferrol' to her, a work which reinterpreted the history of the city as a model of service to the Bourbon monarchy and of progress. As a reward Ferrol officially became a city.

Photograph by the author