Ferrol - Urban History
The frigate 'Vitoria' entering the Campana Dock (1879)

The construction of the Campana Dock, capable of repairing iron-hull warships, was an important landmark in the modernization of Ferrol's dockyards. The new dock was inaugurated by the frigate 'Vitoria', which had been constructed in a British shipyard for the Spanish Navy. The technological delay was difficult to overcome: there would be a gap of 27 years between the launching in 1857 of Britain's 'Warrior' and the construction of the first iron-hull warship at the shipyards of Ferrol. Throughout the 1880s these shipyards received a number of important orders from the Navy, which rebuilt the fleet, based on the incorrect premise that cruisers armed with torpedoes were the weapon of the future. During the same years the USA would build a fleet of battleships from zero, which would annihilate the Spanish squadron during the Spanish-American War.

A Coruņa City Council, Municipal Historical Archive