Ferrol - Urban History
Official reception for the royal couple in Ferrol (1881)

In 1881 the visit by the royal couple to Ferrol included the inauguration of the monument to Sánchez Barcaiztegui, and a reception at the 'Alameda' (in the engraving), in front of the Dock Gate. However, the republican uprising at the Dockyards had revealed some years before how this connection point between the naval installations and the middle-class neighbourhood of La Magdalena was a controversial place of memory. At the same time the long-running friction between the 'maestranza' and naval officers was reflected in the spatial segregation between the city and its outskirts. At the end of the nineteenth century, the council authorities tried to force the workers, who travelled to the naval installations from the commercial port or from the western outskirts of the city very early in the morning, not to use the central streets of La Magdalena and to walk along the Dockyard wall, so that their voices or the sound of their footsteps would not bother the sleeping neighbours.

A Coruña City Council, Municipal Historical Archive