Ferrol - Urban History
A launching at the Spanish Society of Shipbuilding (c. 1925)

After the destruction of the fleet during the Spanish-American War, the Spanish Navy lost its prestige and objectives, and the shipyards were struck by mass unemployment. The fleet was rebuilt under the Squadron Creation Act (1908). New forms of management were tried out a year later, when the Shipyards and part of the Dockyards of Ferrol (and those of Cartagena and Cadiz) were rented by a private company, the 'Spanish Society of Shipbuilding'. Its British-held stake (Vickers, Armstrong & Brown) guaranteed the exchange of technological know-how. After the pause brought about by the Great War -in which Spain was neutral - prosperity returned to Ferrol with the naval programmes of the Dictatorship of Primo de Rivera. The modern cruiser 'Prince Alfonso', named in honour of the first son of Alfonso XIII, was launched in 1925.

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