Ferrol - Urban History
Entrance to the 'Tennis Club' (1935)

The building in the picture was designed in 1935 by Santiago Rey Pedreira, and was a pioneer example in Galicia of the new rationalist architecture. This country club, created the year before, had an English name, a reminder of the role played by British technicians from the Spanish Society of Shipbuilding in renewing the leisure and social habits of Ferrol's middle class. Set outside the city, this was the country club of the 'Casino Ferrolano', the social club founded in 1859 which served as a meeting place for the city's ruling class. From its beginnings, the 'Casino' was subject to the patronage of Navy and Army officers, who also scrupulously controlled the right to admission. The 'Tennis Club' was also a perfect location for plotting conspiracies, such as those prior to the military uprising in 1936.

Ferrol City Council, Postcard collection