Ferrol - Urban History
Alfonso XII Bastion and artillery barracks (c. 1900)

The republican insurrection in Ferrol in 1872 led to a questioning of the authoritarian division of urban space. The Dockyards were armed and designed to be impregnable, but now they had become dangerous as subversive ideas started to spread amongst the troops. This was the line of thought of the Navy authorities who, after carrying out political purges amongst its personnel, then partly disarmed the Dockyards, filling up the moat which surrounded them, and moving part of the troops and arms to new barracks that were to be built outside the city walls, such as this one situated in one of its bastions. Years later, during the Dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, the artillery barracks of Sánchez Aguilera would be built nearby.

Ferrol City Council, Postcard collection