Ferrol - Urban History
Four projects for La Magdalena district (1750-63)

The neighbourhood of La Magdalena was designed by military engineers, and its first stage was built at around the same time as the Dockyard. The first modest projects designed by Montaigu or De la Croix, were followed by the much more ambitious schemes of Jorge Juan in 1755. In these a city was planned in which the different social classes would be mixed, since Esteiro was a temporary solution and was planned for demolition at some future stage. But following the fall of the Marquis of Ensenada, an aggressive naval policy took hold, and war expenses prejudiced work on the Dockyards and the new city. In 1761 Llobet considered Esteiro a 'fait accompli', and designed a smaller La Magdalena, which was in fact set apart for the military.

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