Ferrol - Urban History
Obelisk of Churruca, in the Parade Ground (early twentieth century)

The Parade Ground was laid out in 1813 with a fountain, crowned by a cenotaph-obelisk, built in honour of Brigadier Churruca, hero of Trafalgar. The cenotaph signified a symbolic reparation for the lynching of General Vargas, but its meaning went far deeper than this. In the iconography of the new Spanish liberal regime, where political elites tried to throw off the yoke of subordination to an absolute monarchy, cenotaphs dedicated to the fallen heroes of the fatherland had come to take the place of the ancient ephemeral catafalques dedicated to the kings. This interpretation was reinforced in Ferrol by the similarities existing between the new fountain-obelisk of Churruca, and the Obelisk of Fame, which had been raised in honour of King Carlos III.

Ferrol City Council, Postcard collection.