Ferrol - Urban History
La Magdalena Street, in the district of the same name (1867)

La Magdalena was built in a way that facilitated the movement of troops in the event of a revolt. It also was suitable for civil and military parades. The neighbourhood housed the buildings that symbolized the power of the Navy, and it underwent a series of improvements: the streets were paved and fitted with drains, with slopes that ensured water drained away to the sea. In 1807, a revolt of the 'maestranza' culminated in the burning of the 'Theatre of the Comedy', situated in La Magdalena and exclusively reserved for naval officers.

J. Baamonde y Ortega, Album pintoresco, geográfico estadístico, histórico y descriptivo de la ciudad departamental marítima de Ferrol y sus inmediaciones (Ferrol, 1867)