Ferrol - Urban History
Las Angustias Square with the chapel of the same name (1867)

Developed in 1792, Las Angustias Square was the only space worthy of its name in the neighbourhood of Esteiro. Here the Chapel of Las Angustias had been built in 1788, which, after the former military church fell into ruin, became the only church in the area. The modest appearance of the building, combined with the fact that it was not financed by public funds but instead by private initiative, strengthened its contrast with the monumental church of San Julián (in La Magdalena). In the background of the drawing is San Carlos Street.

J. Baamonde y Ortega, Album pintoresco, geográfico estadístico, histórico y descriptivo de la ciudad departamental marítima de Ferrol y sus inmediaciones (Ferrol, 1867)