Ferrol - Urban History
The Mayor of Alcoy 'dragged out' during the revolt of 1873

E.P. Thompson explored popular rituals in which a humiliating punishment is meted out in public, and explained how often they develop and subvert the ceremonial rituals of the state and the elites. Lynching, such as that endured by General Vargas, took place in a number of Spanish cities in the years of the Peninsular War, and it was usually directed against the highest authorities. These lynchings were in fact adopted by the mutinous mob as their own version of the ancient ritual used in capital punishment when, following execution, the criminal's corpse would be dragged around the town to the accompaniment of insults hurled at it by the incensed crowds, before it was finally put on public display. The illustration shows a similar event that took place at a later date.

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