Ferrol - Urban History
Map of Galicia: population centres with more than 2,000 inhabitants (1787)

At the end of eighteenth century, Galicia, a region covering some 29,400 square kilometers, had 1,340,000 inhabitants. Only 10 per cent of the population lived in urban areas of more than 2,000 inhabitants, with the most important such as A Coruņa or Santiago de Compostela as service centres. The exception was Ferrol, which after multiplying its population more than ten times to a total of 25,000, was now the most important city in Galicia. Yet Ferrol maintained the features of an enclave industry: perishable foods and workers were available from its immediate surroundings, yet it barely created any auxiliary industries, and continued to import by sea most of its grain, components and supplies for shipbuilding.

I. Dubert, Del campo a la ciudad. Migraciones, familia y espacio urbano en la historia de Galicia, 1708-1924 (Santiago de Compostela, 2001)
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