Ferrol - Urban History
Two-point perspective of Ferrol (1859)

Ferrol was divided into two neighbourhoods. In the 1750s Esteiro (right) was built for the 'maestranza' and unskilled workers, at the foot of the Shipyards. Opposite the Dockyards, the new neighbourhood of La Magdalena (in the centre of the image) was built from the 1760s onward to house naval officers, important businessmen, and liberal professionals. Military engineer, Sánchez Bort designed the first major public 'tree-lined walk' in Galicia, called the 'Alameda', situated between La Magdalena and the wall surrounding the Dockyards. This would be a favourite area for strolling and holding civic events. Note how the neighbourhood of La Magdalena looks much larger in this picture than it actually was, and how small Esteiro appears, half-hidden amongst the trees.

A Coruña City Council, Municipal Historical Archive
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