Ferrol - Urban History
New Gate, on Ferrol's city walls (1859)

After serious riots between 1805 and 1810, the council authorities promoted a scheme of public works that offered jobs and reduced the vulnerability of the city during food crises. In 1805, after three years of blockade by the British Navy, work started on the construction of the 'Castilla Road'. The aim was to find an alternative to provisioning the city by sea. The new road led directly to La Magdalena through the 'Puerta Nueva' (New Gate), which was opened in the city walls in 1811, a year after the lynching of General Vargas. Therefore it avoided Esteiro, the main access to the city up until then.

J. Montero Arostegui, Historia y descripción de la ciudad de Ferrol (Ferrol, 1859)