Ferrol - Urban History
Map of the city of Ferrol and Arsenal, by V. Tofiño (1789)

The map by Tofiño shows Ferrol as it was in 1789, surrounded by its city walls. The construction of La Magdalena had progressed at a good rate, and two-thirds of the district was already built. A coercive organization of space was developed. The naval facilities were isolated from the inhabited areas. The seven-metre-high wall that enclosed the Dockyards was surrounded by a wide moat, with a single entrance, the Dock Gate. The wall and moat managed to prevent the theft of materials and tools, and discouraged the 'maestranza' from shirking their duties. They also helped to stop convicts from escaping, and if the 'maestranza' revolted they blocked access to the weapons arsenals.

Biblioteca de la Zona Marítima del Cantábrico, Ferrol
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