Ferrol - Urban History
Map of the city of Ferrol and Arsenal (c. 1765)

The map differentiates between constructed surfaces (in sepia) and those that were only planned (in yellow). In the bottom right-hand corner, between the neighbourhood of Esteiro and the Shipyards, a rectangular square was designed, Esteiro Square. Here were built the Navy Quartermaster's offices, the military church, a hospital, and a barracks. To the right, next to the Dockyards, work had started on the district of La Magdalena: six longitudinal streets, nine cross-streets, identical in width, and crossed rectangular blocks of equal size. Two squares were planned at each end, 'Dolores (Our Lady of Sorrow) Square' and the 'Parade Ground', which the three main streets led into.

Museo de Pontevedra
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