Ferrol - Urban History
Lieutenant Colonel Tejero in the Spanish parliament (1981)

After the death of Franco, the transition to democracy was based on an agreement between the more moderate forces of the old regime and the opposition. Excluded from this agreement, the more radical positions on both sides opted for terrorism and military uprisings. Both phenomena would eventually have an impact on a city in which the memory of Franco's militarism and working-class movements inevitably came into conflict, causing serious difficulties for local authorities. In 1983-5, two of the most important players in the unsuccessful military coup in February 1981 were imprisoned in military installations close to the Ferrol estuary: Lieutenant-Colonel Tejero, who had taken over the House of Congress in Madrid was held in the eighteenth-century La Palma Castle; and Lieutenant-General Milans del Bosch, who had sent tanks out onto the streets of Valencia, was imprisoned in the Dockyards.

Agencia EFE, Photograph by Manuel Barriopedro