Ferrol - Urban History
Franco Period
Meeting between Franco and Hitler in Hendaya (1940)

The support given by Germany in the shape of arms, logistical support and even a complete squadron of planes, was decisive to the victory of Franco's army, and conditioned the sympathies of the new state. In 1940, at the start of the Second World War, France had been defeated and only Great Britain appeared to oppose the Nazi victory. This image shows the meeting between Hitler and Franco in the frontier town of Hendaya. Between them is Ramón Serrano Súńer, Interior Minister and a supporter of Spain entering the war. This decision was finally rejected, probably because the country was too badly damaged to deal with such a large-scale project. After the defeat of the Nazis, the official propaganda of Franco's regime reinterpreted this interview as an intelligent and valuable gesture of dissidence by the Spanish dictator.

Ed.Dolmen SL