Ferrol - Urban History
Portrait of King Alfonso XIII, by F. Alvarez Sotomayor

The first stage of the reign of Alfonso XIII (1902-31) coincided with a period of economic growth, particularly during World War I, when Spain supplied the countries at war. In this official portrait the King is wearing an admiral's uniform, and we can see a warship in the background. Once again there was a policy to reconstruct the fleet, lacking any purpose other than maintaining vigilance over Spain's coast and supporting intervention in Morocco. However, the poor results of the Rif War further heightened the crisis in the political system of the Restoration. Fascism was becoming popular in Europe, and then a coup established the Dictatorship of General Primo de Rivera (1923-9) in Spain. After the fall of the dictator, new elections in 1931 led to the declaration of the Second Republic.

Museo Naval de Madrid